Great gifts & Gadgets that will make anyone happy
Great Selection of Speakers that easily
connect to any computer, iPod or MP3 player
Starting at only Afl. 61.00
SanDisk Sansa Clip
Clip it and have 4GB of 1000 songs.
Expandable slot. FM radio & voice
Price: Afl. 175.00
Travel Alarm Clock
Has built-in thermometer
Price: Afl. 24.25
Wireless Weather Station
Check the weather from your home.
Measures temperature, rainfall,
humidity, barometric pressure, wind
speed & direction and atomic time.
You can even upload to your PC.
Price: Afl. 356.00
is Incredible!

For Only Afl. 103.00
Call the US for Free for
1 Year.  Additional
years are only $20.00.

Easy.  Connect it to
your computer and it
installs itself.
Connect a regular
phone or cordless to it.

If you have two
magicJacks you call
each other for free
anywhere in the world.

You can call other
countries too.  You
only need to recharge
it with your credit card.
As low as 2cents per

You can even receive
calls from the US
because you have a US
phone number now.

Has voice mail that will
be emailed to you.

Come and try it for
yourself and see how
clear the reception is!
We have many more
Gift Options!
Visit Our Store in
Nieuwstraat 16

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3.5" Portable TV
Take it where ever you want.
Royal Flexible Calculator
Rubber body & keypad
Great for carrying around in your
bag.  It takes less space because it
is flexible.
Price: Afl. 13.75
HoMedics Sound Spa
6 Natural sounds to create a
peaceful sleep enviroment.
Has auto shut off
Art Dio Portable Speakers
Use it with your iPod or any MP3
Price: Afl. 48.00
Metal Detector
Great  for finding buried metal
objects.  May be even a lost
The Singing Machine
Karaoke Set
Has disco lights.
Also has USB connection
Just connect to your TV.
Book Night Lights
Fold it open and clip it anywhere and
have a portable LED light to read a
book or do any other work.
Available in black & aqua color.
Skullcandy Earphones
Powerful driver makes any music
sound their best.
Available in various colors & models
Project Solar Power
Educational set lets you learn how
to use electrical & solar power
Digital Picture Frames
Upload your favorite pictures from your
camera.  Add a SD card for more pictures.
Pictures are shown through a slide show
Start from Afl. 174.00
8" Digital Frame
7" Digital Frame
Has various small key-chain tools that are
a great gift for the handyman.
A high quality tool that will last.
Gigaware MP3 Players
4GB of 1000 songs. FM radio & voice
recorder. Also available with video player
Price: Afl. 144.00
Price: Afl. 166.00 (with video)
Digital Photo Keychain
Upload up to 60 pictures and watch
them on the 1.5" screen
Price: Afl. 33.00
Stick n' Click LED Light
Comes in a pack of 3
Just stick it anywhere you want light.
Push to turn on.
Price: Afl. 26.00
Life+Gear 200hour Glow Light
LED flashlight, Flasher & whistle
Mini Clocks
Great for any desk or room.
Comes in three colors
Price: Afl. 8.50
NEW! Cisco Valet Hotspot
So easy to connect that anyone can do it.  
Setup in 10 minutes.  Get wireless internet in
your home at only
Price: Afl. 186.00