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Computer Accessories
Gigaware Optical Mouse
Has rubberized grip for comfort.
Includes USB/PS2 adapter.
Price: Afl. 27.00
Gigaware USB keyboard
Get 13 internet & multimedia
hotkeys to simplify your life.
Price: Afl. 47.50
Gigaware PC webcam
Great for cyber chatting.  Easily
mounts to any desktop or labtop PC.
Has built-in mike.
Price: Afl. 47.00
Retractable Optical Mouse
Cable easily retracts into holder.
Great for traveling.
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
No more cables.
Micro Webcam
Very small in size so that you can
easily carry around.
Wireless Mouse
No more cables.
Add more USB connection to your
desktop or laptop PC.
PC Mike
Omni-directional.  Ideal for
Desktop PC Mike
Noise-cancelling feature.
Earclip Headset with Mike
Ideal for chatting.
Includes a carry pouch.
Wrap-Around USB Headset & Mike
Inline controls (mike mute & volume
Foldable Headset
Foldable makes it ideal for travel.
USB Stereo Headset
Has in-line mute and volume control.
 Super clear.
Premium Digital Headset
Large padded earcups for comfort
and to block outside noise.
USB connection.
Gigaware Optical Mouse
Great selection of multimedia
speakers for Computers.
Price: start at Afl. 61.00
NEW! Cisco Valet Hotspot
So easy to connect that anyone can do it.  
Setup in 10 minutes.  Get wireless internet in
your home at only
Price: Afl. 186.00